CHINZILLA - Pylon (100 Limited Edition)

Josephine Nagorsnik
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  1. Box Of Chocolate 03:41
  2. Aksjdh 03:10
  3. Changing Places 03:33
  4. Universalerde 03:45
  5. Riddim 03:31
  6. Sundays On Schloss Durpenstein 01:20
  7. Belka Strelka 03:57
  8. Beat Around The Bush 05:09
  9. Dienstags Im Sumpf 02:03
  10. Erbrochenes Licht 04:03
  11. BUMtschack 05:15

CHINZILLA lives in a cave in a hill surrounded by buttons, knobs and faders. That’s where she creates the surreal, half electronic, half acoustic sound cosmos she navigates. 

She shouts, sings, squeeks and operates signal flows through pedals and in form of zeroes and ones. A rusty old tube is her close companion, both of them rarely seeing the sun — also because her skin is super sensitive and would burn. She loves the world and its creatures, but is often puzzled by them. She needed an outlet for all the confusion and structured it in songs.

All songs written, played, recorded and produced by CHINZILLA 

(aka Josephine Nagorsnik) mostly in and around Bern, Switzerland over a timespan of more than a decade. 

Thanks to Tim, Baptiste and Jim for playing live versions of the music with me throughout the years. Thanks to everyone encouraging me to make this music!

Mastering: Helgi Svavar Helgason, Hljóðriti Studios, Iceland

Vinyl: Mastercut by Adi Flück, Central Dubs, Bern, Pressing by MEK Vinyl, Gossau

Ranunkel Records 2023

Supported by: Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern Swisslos, Burgergemeinde Bern